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  • Industrial Visit to ParleG is scheduled in the Month of March, 2014.

  • Workshop on ERP/ SAP was organised on 23rd Feb., 2014 conducted by Mr. Manish Gupta, Director- Gyansetu

  • Campus Recruitment by Platoon Securitas Pvt. Ltd. on 26th Feb., 2014.

  • Workshop on Digital Marketing was organised on 22nd Feb., 2014.

  • Students awarded by Dr. Kiran Bedi for their excellent performance during their Internships in Redwing Solution (IBIBO).

  • External examination for PDGM 2nd Semester starts from 26th May, 2014.

  • External examination for MBA 2nd Semester starts from 22th May, 2014.

  • External examination for PDGM 4th Semester starts from 30th May, 2014.

  • External examination for MBA 4th Semester starts from 21st May, 2014.

  • Craoyo Banks came for campus placement.

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Directors Message


It is indeed a pleasure for me to welcome you to First India Group of Institutions. The world needs leaders who take as much pride and demonstrate equal passion in being team members as in being leaders. People who are ready for greatest of tasks and decisions but will not be found wanting if they have to take up smallest of tasks that contributes towards what they stand for. We offer to our nation


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Alumni speak Alumni speak

  • FISB gave us exposure to various companies. FISB has helped us to build our confidence.

    Anshula Sharma (Pegasus International)
  • FISB has provided me with exposure to corporate world. I got to learn various aspects of management through theory and practical exposure. I feel good to be a part of this Institution for imparting me with such great knowledge to build a good career.

    . Kshitiz Rawat (Cosmics Structures Ltd.)
  • I have learnt a lot from First India. Today I am able to survive easily in this corporate world. Whatever I have today all credit goes to one and only FISB.

    Shakti Singh (Hyper Quality India Pvt. Ltd.)
  • FISB has given me a entry in corporate world, where I can show my all skills & knowledge which I learned till now.

    Arvind Kumar (Marks & Spencer Reliance India Pvt. Ltd.)
  • I got placement because of FISB so that I wish to FISB “Will Always happen”.

    Shankar Kumar Das (Greenply Industries Ltd)
  • FISB is the best B-School in Gurgaon because it has kept its commitment. I am proud of my college.

    Rajesh Kumar Singh (Angel Broking Ltd.)
  • FISB has given me confidence to boost my career. I have groomed my personality after doing so many activities in FISB.

    Lalit Mohan Negi (Pythia Advisors)
  • FISB gave me a lot of support to enter into corporate world.

    Ranjan Kumar Bhagat (Aptara Techbooks International Pvt. Ltd)
  • I would like to thanks FISB, because I learnt a lot of things here. I can say that we all are here to learn for earning. I got the good job.

    Manik Kumar Grover (India Bulls)
  • I have got very good opportunity at the starting of my career, Thanks.

    Daksh Mahajan (Delphi)
  • Whatever I am today is because of FISB.

    Ravindra Pratap (Pythia Advisors)
  • FISB helped me to grow in my career. I have gained confidence in myself and I have become totally a different personality after the completion of my MBA from FISB.

    Himanshu Gupta (IRIS Computer Ltd.)
  • I would like to say thanks that it has shown the right path and I followed that and got good opportunity in Bharti-Walmart. This was the dream that came true with the support of FISB . Thanks.

    Amit Kumar Tiwari ( Bharti-Walmart)
  • FISB gave me opportunity to explore intonational experience.

    Fayeza C.P (AMC)

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